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The #pairwithme Progression

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I gave a quick lightning talk on how to have a good #pairiwthme session at LSRC this year.

I still had a question on how to get started in pairing afterward. I came up with a basic set of steps, which can be combined as needed.

  1. Get a pairing session scheduled and established. Share a screen. Type together. Sometimes this takes longer… sometimes it’s just a few minutes.
  2. Work on the simplest possible setup you’re comfortable with. Usually this is Google+ and ScreenHero, but YMMV.
  3. Work toward an optimal setup you’re comfortable with that maximizes responsiveness and communication. Typically this is low bandwidth (i.e. Audio Only (Skype?) and terminal sharing (tmux))

You may be able to get all the way to step 3 in your first session, or you may take 3 separate sessions to get all the way there. Either way, you’ll get there, and then you’ll be comfortable enough to take someone else through it.

Let’s level up the community by fostering a culture of pairing with everyone.