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A Commitment to Being Positive

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It’s really easy to be bogged down with all the crap in life. There is a good amount of it and I don’t know anyone that doesn’t struggle with keeping a good attitude at some time or another. I’ve struggled at various points to stay positive both in my personal life and publicly. I don’t think it’s wrong to have negative thoughts or to even voice struggles or frustrations, but there is a danger in openly venting. It creates a culture that is great at complaining and bad at doing anything about it. It creates an entire set of people bogged down in the crap of their lives, and because of the loud voices they hear all around them, it seems like there is no escape from it. There is so little good that comes from complaining publicly.

So I’m here to make a public commitment to do something about it: I am committing to stay positive.

I have friends and relationships I can confide in. If I need to vent, I know the people that will help me through it. They’re mostly not my twitter buddies or my facebook friends. I want to give those people encouragement and thoughtfulness more than anything. I’m not saying that I’ll be “falsey” here–or perfect. I don’t have to hide my struggles entirely from the public, but I don’t have to openly vent as though that will change anything. I am committing to finding good in situations I’d like to think there’s only bad in. I’m committing to being constructive in any criticism I voice. I’m committing to being a more positive person. I’ll make mistakes and try to learn from them.

It doesn’t come naturally to many people, especially me, but this is a step in the right direction for me (and how it affects my thinking) and the people around me.