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Scary Complicated or Richly Awesome?

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When you look at a new piece of data, most of our initial reaction is in relation to the complexity of that data. Usually this scares me, but after you get to know the data, the more the merrier! What was scary becomes rich and awesome.

How do we move from scary complicated to richly awesome? Comprehension, comprehension, comprehension. And what is the best way to grok something like that? Dive deep into the guts of the code or the task and find out why the data is there and what it does. Why was it modeled that way? In what way could it have been modeled different? Do I have the power to change it? Is it a good thing to change it? Do I understand the system fully enough to see the richness of the data and of the model itself?

In the spirit of “Practice, Practice, Practice” – pick an open source project, look at the model, figure out what all of it does and how you would do it differently, more simply, more robustly, with better error handling, with fewer models.  Grok and regrok.  Get used to the FEELING of comprehension.