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Over the course of human history, we’ve generally done things as best as we can, working the same tasks over and over again.   Our brains have gotten good at repetitive tasks, though our hearts long for something unique and challenging.   Only in the past 200 years have we begun to truly automate much of our lives.   With the dawn of the industrial age, we’ve seen automation begin to change our lives.

With the ubiquity of computers, automation has been taken to an entirely new level, allowing us to not only automate large processes, but even small ones.   I have a love for automating things and improving efficiency that continues to grow–but not for automation’s sake–for the sake of being able to experience the things we were meant to experience in this life: relationships.  Getting the drudgery out of the way and enabling us to spend time with family and friends is the point.   If we are automating our lives away, what is the point of life anyway?

This blog is meant to be an outlet to discuss automation of the drudgery of life including computers, programming, best practices, hacking life, etc.